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Firing up the Blogimilizer

“Does the world really need another blog about a parent and his precious children?” you ask. How dare you sir or ma’am! This is unlike those other blogs you’re thinking of. My children are truly precious. We’ll see where this blog goes, but what I know is that you can expect stories about me, a stay at home father of twin six-year-old girls, husband to an incredibly supportive woman and citizen of Austin, Texas. Before deciding six months ago to spend all my time with my two little animals, I was an in-house lawyer for a large corporation and had practiced law for 15 years. Now, I sit at home cleaning dishes, sweeping floors, and most of all, cooking meal after meal for children who think that anything with more than three syllables in its name is inedible. Let’s hope this blog is more palatable than my infamous grilled Polynesian tofu skewers. Enjoy!